July 24th | Social Media with focus Instagram

How many likes does it take?

We’ve all seen them – the profiles followed by thousands, the posts liked by hundreds, and the guests entering a restaurant, phone with picture of wanted dish in hand.
If you’re just starting out, it seems like a long, steep, windy path to get to these highs. When it’s actually more of a straight road leading there, if you know the route.

In this workshop, „Stil in Berlin“ founder and social media expert, Mary Scherpe (170k Followers in total), will not only introduce you to the diverse world of social media networks and communities, but provide you with the skills and tools to create a working strategy for your own business.


Workshop contents

  • Basics: Which platforms are relevant to food and gastronomy businesses and why? From Facebook to TripAdvisor to Snapchat. Including the answers to the questions: Why should I care what a newsfeed algorithm is? And: With all these channels, do I even need my own website? (Spoiler: yes, you do.)
  • Social Media Story Telling: What do I post, and where? How do I establish a hashtag? What are the rules and etiquettes? How do I use user generated content? Including: how do I take a great picture with my phone?
  • Real Life Examples: What are the others doing? Together, we look at different strategies from restaurants, street-food-entrepreneurs and businesses with food-products (LEH) and discuss successful strategies.


To whom is this workshop addressed?

This workshop is for food-entrepreneurs, who want to reach their target groups successfully via social media.


Start Up price (0-3 years in the Business):  290€ zzgl. 19% MwSt. | Corporate price (3-x years in the Business: 440€ zzgl. 19% MwSt.


Who gives this workshop?

Mary Scherpe started her blog “Stil in Berlin” in 2006. She amassed a total of 170.000 followers on social media, consults restaurants and brands on how to achieve the same, but still wouldn’t get up to take a picture of her dish when out for dinner.



Foto Credit: Rebecca Crawford