May 29th | Leadership Essentials – Thinking, Speaking and Acting as a Leader

I did it! I chased my dream and kicked off my business AND.. it’s taking off! Dreams are continuing to grow, projects and requests are getting bigger and bigger and now I need a team. Sometimes this requires one or two people and sometimes 15-20.

We all know it takes a village, it takes a killer, tight, synchronized and passionate team to just make it through one night in the food business and at the same time we are looking to create sustainable growth and a healthy, hearty trajectory in our business. As much as we need that amazing team it all starts with YOU being a great leader.

This workshop will explore great leaders both in and out of the industry and uncover the what, why and how great leaders are made. Personal experiences and learning lessons will also be shared so that these insights can be collected to create a solid and actionable roadmap and guide for you to lead your team through growth and success.


Workshop Content

  • Inspire: Understand who and what makes great leaders
  • Cross-Pollinate: Transfer leadership insights and key takeaways into what it means how it plays out in the gastronomy business
  • Immerse: Hands on problem / conflict solving through role-playing real life situations
    • Hiring and Firing
    • Motivation and Inspiration through long, sweaty and hard days
    • Differentiating Boss vs. Team
    • When working with friends…
    • Creating and developing sustainable and long term teams
    • FOH vs. BOH
    • Is everyone on the same page?
  • Action: Finalize and fine tune the gastronomy leadership roadmap and guidelines

This workshop will be held in English.


Who can attend this workshop?

‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.’

This workshop can be for anyone. Restaurant operators, Street Food vendors, start-ups, managers, owners, dreamers..



Susan Choi founded her own food start up Mr. Susan and runs her own Trend & Innovation consultancy in Berlin and New York.