Social media, marketing and PR oh my! You’re a business owner and who has time to be your own PR agent too? This package is designed to assist you in building your public relations handbook. Your handbook will give you an action plan for everything that is related to the public sphere (your customers!) so you can effectively market your brand, gain customers, express your unique story through social outlets and retain loyalty.


  • Overview of different communication channels, how each works
  • Storytelling unique to your brand, PR books and Angles
  • Proposal & timings: who and when communicating with journalists and bloggers
  • Tips/preperation for your PR Starter Kit (press text, photos, press kit, press distributor)
  • Social media check: which channels are relevant to your business?
  • How to communicate your story through social media?


Anna Küfner Holds her degree in communications. For many years she has been working for leading PR agencies and has her focus on food & gastronomy. Until recently she worked for Contemporary Food Lab where she has been managing the communications for the restaurants Katz Orange and Panama; Anna also is a freelance writer and journalist.