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The Food Entrepreneurs Club is the business platform for a new generation of food entrepreneurs who take their calling seriously, whose actions are driven by quality and whose concepts are turning the old world of gastronomy upside down.

We support business founders with know-how in various formats in order to make their first steps into the business world smooth ones, we share resources to help food entrepreneurs master their own special challenges and we offer workshops for those business owners that are seeking to find new inspiration and deepen their knowledge.


Opening a food business is not all fun, it also means dealing with a confusing jungle of German bureaucracy and the abundance of laws that can take a lot of time and energy. In this consulting-session we lead you through everything you need to get accomplished when it comes to handling heaps of paperwork so your business starts smoothly from the beginning.

Social media, marketing and PR oh my! You’re a business owner and who has time to be your own PR agent too? This package is designed to assist you in […]


Your concept is one thing but your brand is what brings your concept to life and is the vehicle by which your concept can exist in a competitive market. Whether you’ve already launched your concept or you’re just in the beginning stages of building about your business, we will go over all the foundation steps to creating your unique Brand DNA and Business Model.

In this seminar we take your hand and stand by your side, when it comes to handling all the German paperwork. We help you navigate through the legal jungle and show you where to start, which authorities to apply to, and everything else in between that you need to know to be on the right side of the law.


Sich um seine Steuern kümmern zu müssen, ist wohl die nervigste Aufgabe für einen Gastro-Gründer. Da können Fehler oder Unwissen leider schnell mal zu einer teuren Angelegenheit werden, wenn der […]

Dein Food-Business läuft! Sogar ziemlich erfolgreich. Es ist an der Zeit es auf die nächste Stufe zu heben. Doch welche Expansions-Modelle eignen sich? Wie kann Einzigartigkeit vervielfältigt werden? Und wie […]