FEC consulting

Food entrepreneurs require tailored solutions from professionals that understand the challenges facing a food business. That’s why our FEC consulting is designed in practical packages tailored to your needs whether you’re a seasoned food entrepreneur or you’re just beginning to conceptualize your dreams.

In a one-on-one session we’ll focus on your specific needs and come up with tangible solutions. Get in touch and we connect you with an expert! Time and place for the consulting-session will then be arranged individually.

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Business | Business basics & bureaucracy

Opening a food business is not all fun, it also means dealing with a confusing jungle of German bureaucracy and the abundance of laws that can take a lot of time and energy. In this consulting-session we lead you through everything you need to get accomplished when it comes to handling heaps of paperwork so your business starts smoothly from the beginning.



  • review and feedback of your concept
  • overview of legal and government authorities; where and when to apply
  • consulting on which Legal Form to chose
  • introduction to hygiene regulations
  • getting connected to industry professionals such as tax advisor, lawyer, bank, important industry service provider and suppliers


Stefanie Rothenhöfer is the founder of the Food Entrepreneurs Club. Her goal is it to professionalize the young and thriving food scene. She studied Hospitality and Food Service Management and has many years experience in consulting business founders.


Business | Developing a business case

For many opening a restaurant is the biggest investment they make in their life. This is why developing a decent business case is one of the most important aspects of your future business. Together we’ll look at the financial aspect of your business, crunch your numbers and check the profitability of your concept to find out where you might need to adjust. This will not only give you an understanding of your own risk, but also help you when communicating with financiers, landlord, etc.



  • review/calculating important key numbers
  • review staff requirements, labor cost and terms of employment
  • Consulting on location, key money and lease costs
  • calculating total capital need (incl. start-up expenses, pre-opening and opening costs)
  • designing an individual business case for you to take home


Max Paarlberg is a passionate restaurateur, host and entrepreneur. He helds a degree in Hotel- and Food Service Management from a well respected University and therefore has learnt the business from scratch. He created many restaurant concepts worldwide (such as Tante Koosje, Chicha, Bourbon Dogs bar) and lately opened and successfully runs the fast casual restaurant La Lucha  in Berlin.


Branding | Building Your Brand DNA

Whether you’re in the beginning stages of creating your concept or if you’ve already launched, developing a unique brand with the right positioning is the most import work you can do to communicate your unique business. In this in-depth consulting service we’ll define and outline your business model and from there develop your distinctive brand DNA so that you can effectively market your business.


  • outline and define your business model and the marketplace in which the business operates
  • branding your concept with a unique story
  • creating a branding strategy (visual brand, language and communications, internal and external processes, etc.)
  • Goals setting and milestone plan to set you on constructive paths towards achieving what you want


Madeline McLean is a food entrepreneur and has many years experience in building and refining brands in both the art and gastronomy sectors. In 2013 she has launched her boutique catering company in the US and now lives and works in Berlin where she is currently launching her second food business. 


communication | PR & Social Media

Social media, marketing and PR oh my! You’re a business owner and who has time to be your own PR agent too? This package is designed to assist you in building your public relations handbook. Your handbook will give you an action plan for everything that is related to the public sphere (your customers!) so you can effectively market your brand, gain customers, express your unique story through social outlets and retain loyalty.


  • Overview of different communication channels, how each works
  • Storytelling unique to your brand, PR books and Angles
  • Proposal & timings: who and when communicating with journalists and bloggers
  • Tips/preperation for your PR Starter Kit (press text, photos, press kit, press distributor)
  • Social media check: which channels are relevant to your business?
  • How to communicate your story through social media?


Anna Küfner Holds her degree in communications. For many years she has been working for leading PR agencies and has her focus on food & gastronomy. Until recently she worked for Contemporary Food Lab where she has been managing the communications for the restaurants Katz Orange and Panama; Anna also is a freelance writer and journalist.