FEC Food Conference at Stadt Land Food


Sharing knowledge and experience is the key to success

The Food Entrepreneurs Club (FEC) aims to unite a new generation of food crafters by creating a network for young entrepreneurs to share knowledge and experience about how to run a small food business successfully.


Over the course of the last decade, a new generation of passionate Foodies have been taking the lead and are forming a serious alternative to the ever dominant industrial food complex. By rediscovering and refining traditional craft dishes combined with the tools of the digital age, these quality driven entrepreneurs are creating new ways to bring quality food to the attention of the general public. A local terroir’s offers are publicized, old family recipes experience a renaissance, while pop up restaurants, food trucks, and local organic markets finally have a real chance to compete with “Big Food”.


The Food Entrepreneurs Club intends to build up a nation wide network so that passionate food operators can debate about how to deal with the challenges of today, develop ideas into plans, as well as offer business assistance and consultancy to those in need.



The Food Entrepreneurs Club goes Stadt Land Food

The Stadt Land Food – Festival for good food and good farming, will premiere OCTOBER 2 – 5, 2014 in Berlin. A new, alternative exhibition of small scale agriculture and artisan food, a cultural festival and a platform for political Dialoge. The festival will take place in the streets of Kreuzberg, its backyards, schools, gymnasiums, bars, and at Markthalle Neun. Markthalle Neun wants to bring the subject of agriculture into the urban space. Besides a large artisan food producer‘s market and a street food market, there will also be Workshops taking place at numerous locations in the neighborhood, where residents and visitors can mill flour, bake bread, make sausage and cheese, squeeze juice and distill schnaps. A film series, improvisation theater, exhibits and music will round out the cultural program, and events such as the Schnippeldisko (Disco Soup) and the annual harvest celebration church service are also on the menu.


The FOOD ENTREPRENEURS CLUB will kick off with a series of entertaining panel discussions held by professional Foodies and entrepreneurs on business trends and their own personal experiences.