Whether you’re in the beginning stages of creating your concept or if you’ve already launched, developing a unique brand with the right positioning is the most import work you can do to communicate your unique business. In this in-depth consulting service we’ll define and outline your business model and from there develop your distinctive brand DNA so that you can effectively market your business.


  • outline and define your business model and the marketplace in which the business operates
  • branding your concept with a unique story
  • creating a branding strategy (visual brand, language and communications, internal and external processes, etc.)
  • Goals setting and milestone plan to set you on constructive paths towards achieving what you want


Madeline McLean is a food entrepreneur and has many years experience in building and refining brands in both the art and gastronomy sectors. In 2013 she has launched her boutique catering company in the US and now lives and works in Berlin where she is currently launching her second food business.