Spring 2018 | Building Your Brand DNA and Business Model Roadmap

I have a great concept but what do I do to make my concept not only a reality but also a thriving business?

Your concept is one thing but your brand is what brings your concept to life and is the vehicle by which your concept can exist in a competitive market. Whether you’ve already launched your concept or you’re just in the beginning stages of building about your business, we will go over all the foundation steps to creating your unique Brand DNA and Business Model.

If you have already launched, this workshop will help you gain a better understanding of your concept while giving you a tighter, more effective brand. If you are just beginning with a concept, this workshop will help you construct your Branding and Business Model roadmap for when you launch in the marketplace.

We will also address topics like goal setting, strategy and design thinking. With worksheets, learning from cross-industry examples and dynamic conversation you will walk away with a well-defined concept, a deeper understanding of your business and confidence in your position in the market.



  • Pillars, Mission & Elevator Pitch: Through specific approaches and exercises, this is how you begin to define your business concept and Brand DNA.
  • Business Strategy & Strategy Canvassing: how to outline and define your Business Model and defining the marketplace in which the business operates.
  • Your Story: Branding your concept with your unique story and looking at real-world examples of effective (or not effective) branding strategies. Plus implementing your story into your Branding & Marketing Plans.
  • Branding Plan: Your brand’s positioning in the marketplace and your unique brand strategy for your business. This is not just the visual brand, but this is also the fundamental threads of your hospitality approach, your team management, your product output, etc.
  • Goal setting: the importance of making future projections to set you on constructive paths towards achieving what you want.

This Workshop will be held in english.


Who can attend this workshop?

This workshop is open to any entrepreneur (in gastronomy or not!) who wants to launch their own concept or who has already founded a business and is looking to polish their concept to make it better.


Madeline McLean is the chef owner and founder of Madeline Picnic Co. in the Hamptons (New York). She has many years experience in team management, branding and operations in businesses in both the Fine Art and Gastronomy sectors.