For many opening a restaurant is the biggest investment they make in their life. This is why developing a decent business case is one of the most important aspects of your future business. Together we’ll look at the financial aspect of your business, crunch your numbers and check the profitability of your concept to find out where you might need to adjust. This will not only give you an understanding of your own risk, but also help you when communicating with financiers, landlord, etc.



  • review/calculating important key numbers
  • review staff requirements, labor cost and terms of employment
  • Consulting on location, key money and lease costs
  • calculating total capital need (incl.¬†start-up expenses, pre-opening and opening costs)
  • designing an individual business case for you to take home


Max Paarlberg is a passionate restaurateur, host and entrepreneur. He helds a degree in Hotel- and Food Service Management from a well respected University and therefore has learnt the business from scratch. He created many restaurant concepts worldwide (such as Tante Koosje, Chicha, Bourbon Dogs bar) and lately opened and successfully runs the fast casual restaurant La Lucha  in Berlin.