The Food Entrepreneurs Club is the business platform for a new generation of food entrepreneurs who take their calling seriously, whose actions are driven by quality and whose concepts are turning the old world of gastronomy upside down.

We support business founders with know-how in various formats in order to make their first steps into the business world smooth ones, we share resources to help them master their own special challenges and we offer workshops for all those that are seeking to find new inspiration and deepen their knowledge.


We all know it takes a village, it takes a killer, tight, synchronized and passionate team to just make it through one night in the food business and at the same time we are looking to create sustainable growth and a healthy, hearty trajectory in our business. As much as we need that amazing team it all starts with YOU being a great leader.

In this seminar we take your hand and stand by your side, when it comes to handling all the German paperwork. We help you navigate through the legal jungle and show you where to start, which authorities to apply to, and everything else in between that you need to know to be on the right side of the law.


Dealing with your business taxes is definitely not the most glamorous part of running a food business, we get it. But making sure you do them right from the beginning […]

Mit einem Klick dein Essen auswählen, bestellen und gleich bezahlen – Zuhause aber auch im Restaurant oder Café ist das keine Seltenheit mehr. Die Gastronomie-Welt wird immer digitaler, viele Gastronomen sehen das als Chance davon zu profitieren.